4 video interviews focusing on ACTION, during the 13th International Workshop on Neonatology, Cagliari, October 2017

ACTION has been the main sponsor of the "13th International Workshop on Neonatology", Cagliari, Italy, October 25-28, 2017.

A videogallery on the official Youtube page of the event is available and contains the following 4 videos focusing on ACTION, and a total of 22 videos showing the ACTION Logo.

Here are reported the interviews with prof. Dorret Boomsma, prof. Fanos, Dr. Mirko Manchia, prof. Luigi Atzori.


Prof. Dorret Boomsma - Main results of the ACTION project


Prof. Fanos - The ACTION project's goals


Dr. Mirko Manchia - Risk factors for aggression


Prof. Luigi Atzori - Metabolomic approach and aggression, in Italian language