13th International Workshop on Neonatology


ACTION was the main sponsor of the 13th International Workshop on Neonatology, Cagliari, Italy, October 25-28, 2017.

The “13th International Workshop on Neonatology – The power of Epigenetics. Twins: identical but different”, followed the success of the previous editions which saw the overall presence of more than 8000 participants. Workshop 13 had more than 900 participants and was accompanied, as the previous editions, by many national and international institutions and scientific societies.

In details, on Friday 27th, a Workshop session has been dedicated to the ACTION project. Members of the ACTION's staff involved:

  • Prof. Vassilios Fanos (general organisation and coordination)
  • Prof. Dorret Boomsma (keynote speaker)
  • Prof. Luigi Atzori (moderator)
  • Dr. Mirko Manchia (discussant)


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