ACTION Meeting involving Dutch Partners, Amsterdam, August 2015

ACTION Meeting VU University


This meeting was organised between Dutch partners in order to make the point on the project and to present respective backgrounds and activities for the ACTION project.


  • Introduction, WP 3 - Prof. Meike Bartels (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Introduction of Curium activites - Peter Roetman (Curium LUMC)
  • Different neurodevelopmental trajectories of disruptive behaviour - Koen Bolhuis, MD (Erasmus MC Rotterdam)
  • Epigenetics and Aggression - Jenny van Dongen (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Meta-analysis: can we find genetic variants influencing aggression? - Hill Fung Ip (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Biomarkers & Metabolomics, WP5 - Fiona Hagenbeek (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Prevention & Treatment, WP6 - Anne Hendriks (VU University Amsterdam)


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