Videos and interviews of the ACTION dissemination meeting: "Childhood aggression and its comorbidities" (May 6-8, 2019, Sardinia, Italy)

The ACTION final meeting on aggression studies "Childhood aggression and its comorbidities: dissemination meeting" took place in Sardinia, Italy (May 6-8, 2019, Hotel Flamingo, Santa Margherita di Pula).

In this page some interviews and videos of the event are available.

Details of the event are available in this page.


Childhood aggression and its comorbidities: overview of the dissemination meeting



Prof. Meike Bartels: main results of the ACTION project - Childhood aggression and its comorbidities



Prof. Robert Vermeiren: clinical implications of the ACTION project - Childhood aggression



Prof. Gitta Lubke: Predicting childhood aggression; mining large datasets followed by confirmatory modeling



Dr. Jenny van Dongen: Epigenome‐wide association study meta‐analysis of aggressive behavior



Hill Ip, PhD candidate: Genome‐Wide Meta‐Analysis of Aggressive Behavior across Rater, Instrument and Age



Dr. Margherita Malanchini: aggressive behavior in childhood and the role of smoking during pregnancy



Yayouk Willems, PhD Candidate: Environmental and Genetic contributions to low self‐control



Peter Roetman, PhD Candidate: aggression in clinical practice



Andrea Allegrini, PhD Candidate: Multi‐trait polygenic prediction of broad aggression in adolescence



Dr. Lucia Colodro Conde: a twin study of oppositional defiant disorder behaviors using data from Australia and The Netherlands



Fiona Hagenbeek, PhD Candidate: Urinary biomarkers and metabolites of childhood aggression



Anne Hendriks, PhD Candidate: What are the implications of five years of research on childhood aggression?



Alyce Whipp, PhD Candidate: Teacher‐rated aggression and co‐occurring behaviors



Roberta Pintus: Lipids and aggression: what is going on?



Childhood aggression and its comorbidities: concluding remarks and award ceremony (best talk given by PhD candidates: Fiona Hagenbeek - Urinary biomarkers and metabolites of childhood aggression)