Integrative multi-omics analysis of childhood aggressive behavior

TitleIntegrative multi-omics analysis of childhood aggressive behavior
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsHagenbeek, FA, van Dongen, J, Pool, R, Roetman, PJ, Harms, AC, Hottenga, JJan, Kluft, C, Colins, OF, van Beijsterveldt, CEM, Fanos, V, Ehli, EA, Hankemeier, T, Vermeiren, RRJM, Bartels, M, Déjean, S, Boomsma, DI
JournalBehavior Genetics
Keywordschildhood aggression, DNA methylation, Genetic nurturing, metabolomics, Multi-omics, polygenic scores

This study introduces and illustrates the potential of an integrated multi-omics approach in investigating the underlying biology of complex traits such as childhood aggressive behavior. In 645 twins (cases = 42%), we trained single- and integrative multi-omics models to identify biomarkers for subclinical aggression and investigated the connections among these biomarkers. Our data comprised transmitted and two non-transmitted polygenic scores (PGSs) for 15 traits, 78,772 CpGs, and 90 metabolites. The single-omics models selected 31 PGSs, 1614 CpGs, and 90 metabolites, and the multi-omics model comprised 44 PGSs, 746 CpGs, and 90 metabolites. The predictive accuracy for these models in the test (N = 27